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White Armani, , ,anyone tried them? good? bad?


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;) ;) ;) ;) :tongue:

Well my experience with Armani's is this..,

They are a nice thick pill that was going for up to 40 bucks around these parts. I roll regularly about 2 times a month well when I hit these gems I took one and rolled for almost 6 hrs straight. Real smooth coming up and going down. The next day I was still a little wacked. If they are anyhting like the armani's I had I would buy as many as I can, they were definitely on my all time favorites list

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didn't feel the same w/ armanis. igloos on the other hand is the bomb. i know people who take 2 anight on thurs to saturday night and the don't seem to grow a tolerance against it. they go for $35. mad well worth it. it hits you around 15 min at first and then an hour into it, it hits you like a sledgehammer. people who i know that did igloos for the 1st time and have been getting igloos ever since.

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I got some in Ibiza last week...pretty good roll, but couldn't be 100% sure since I took a white dove a few hours before.....

But I guess any roll is good when they cost $6 (no lie) in Ibiza....I guess its a good thing I brough back 25 for myslef for the future...

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