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My Cd Burner Is A Piece Of Shit!


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Why is it that I have no probelm making compiliation CD's off of my computer, but then when I try to make a copy of an original CD, the entire copy of the burned CD skips randomly throughout. Am i doing something wrong????? Am I even making any sense???

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Sometimes I find that my burner does the same. Try ripping the tracks onto your computer. See if the ripped tracks skip or cause problems. If they do then it is in fact not your burner but your CD ROM. If they don't then just burn them back onto a new CD and although this process takes a bit longer you will be able to make copies of CD's without whipping out another 100 bucks for a new CDR.


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First off never use the program that comes with the burner ( Big fukn Mistake). They are garbage. Get your hands on Nero, CDRWIN, Fireburner, Disc Juggler just to name a few. If you need the program or cracks I will send to you just drop me a tell on AIM or ICQ. My #'s are provided.

Second if you need a new burner I got a nice 12X HP burner from Comp USA for 89.99$ Plus 10 $ mail in Rebate I think the offer is good till August 30th if not the best burners in my opinion are plextor writers. you can find a nice burner for a good price ( At least 20$ cheaper than any store) on BUY.COM. Plextors can only be ordered from the web stores don't carry them. What makes these burners good is the fact they have ANTI- buffer underrun errors in them. I don't know if its software or Hardware, probably a huge buffer within Hardware if I had to take a stab at it.

With these two you should have no problems burning CD's and if you are copying CD's make sure you dont copy on the fly ( CD to CD) Always copy from the HDD its faster Read times and more stable than any CDR, DVD, or CDROM.

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