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ClUbBiN iN pOrTuGaL?????

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I was just in Lisbon for a month. I would say clubbing in Portugal is somewhat backwards but the scene is growing and there is a magazine you should pickup right away called DANCE PARTY or something like that that's available in major newstands like you'll find in the large shopping malls such as those around Saldanha in Lisbon.

That will have listings of most major events, many of which are outside of major cities because for the most part "super clubs" in Lisbon universally suck or have ridiculous door policies. Depending on your sound the closest you might come to some fun are some of the more low-key club/bars around Barro Alto such as Incognito... most of these are in the guidebooks and you'll find them if you just walk around.

- Kevin

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Originally posted by angelfromheven

how is clubbin in portugal??? im goin there next summer and i need to kno...

I never went clubbing in Lisbon, even though that's where I'm from!

There are a variety of really cool "parties" that take place each summer in Algarve, which is in the South of Portugal. I was in Albufeira, really beautiful place. Lot's of foam parties!

Then there are also a couple of places in Porto, Coimbra, Braga, and Figuiera da Foz. I think the best thing for you to do is post where you're going to be going exactly, and then wait for some responses, and when you finally get there, look for magazines, or fliers advertising clubs, and parties.

Have a blast, Portugal is a great place to have fun!

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