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Escape Creations

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332 Pulaski Ave Staten Island NY, 10303

E-mail [email protected]

Phone (718) 447-3511

Martin F. Izzo



CD COVERS --------$ 20.00 each design

Business cards ------$ 10.00 each design

Flyer Templates -----$ 150.00 each design Discounts available

Vinyl images ---------$ 250.00 each design

Regular Labels ------$10.00 each design

Record labels ---------$ 15.00 each design

Logo’s -------------------$ 20.00 each design

Signature’s images-$ 10.00 for 5 images

Let Escape Creations help take your business to the next level. Whether you want to promote your services on the web or on paper (flyer). Escape Creations has the ability to bring your ideas to life both effectively and affordably.

Let us briefly explain what we do here. Where a Graphic designing company, we design all kinds of computer-generated artwork depending on the customer, such as logo’s, Flyers, CD labels, record labels, vinyl covers, vinyl images and CD covers.

In little detail WE DO NOT PRINT! WE ARE NOT A PRINTING COMPANY! We design images called templates, we charge for each template depending on the price list above. If you should want the Flyer image (template) be printed out, you would have to go to a printer with the Image (template) and see what the cost might be.

All work will be contracted for security reasons

We are currently expanding our client contacts so there for we have e-mailed this letter so you can get a feel of what we do here.

Feel free to drop e-mail anytime for any questions and info you may have regarding this letter.

Web site soon to be hitting the web!

Thank you for your time and efforts to work with us at Escape Creations

Hope to hear from you soon ……

Yours truly

Martin F. Izzo

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