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Need place to store a 5,56 mb file!


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there are various websites that offer "Free online harddrives" That would be my first guess. Another thing U could do is find someone with an ftp server and you can throw it in there. If the file is an MP3 file (You can always rename it to .mp3 and leave renaming instruction), you can stick it in www.mp3.com The last alternative that I can think up is either zip the file or split the file. winzip can make the file smaller. and if you go to cnet.com search for file splitters and you can break up the file to like 10 small files that can reattach themselves. If you have more questions on any of the alternatives feel free to post them.


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Thanks, but mp3.com doesnt work. The mp3 is a new remix of dahools meet her at the love parade (I can guarantee you havent heard it before!) and mp3.com doesnt allow remixes of copyrighted tracks. If anyone knows of an ftp server where i can put it please let me know.

About a month ago i posted a song id where i made the beats similar to the ones of the song, some of you asked if i could make some more beats and this is it!

In the meanwhile you could try to go on audiogalaxy and find schp23 - Clubplanet.mp3 (Cant guarantee anything though, im not online all the time)

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