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Dance goddess Madonna

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I saw her in concert... really cool! They do this wire thing like in Crouching Tiger, it was great! You have to check out her concert if you get the chance, although probably by now all the tickets are sold out. Your best bet is probably to sign up for a contest to win tickets, like the one at http://hbo.com/gl

Does anyone know where I can get that video she did for "What it feels like for a girl" ??? Ya know, the one that they only played once on MTV, while they shamelessly allow other videos that have far worse situations than what's in this one.

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Originally posted by deejaygay

Unbelievable how she's still around after so many years. I love her!

Unbelievable how one of the few people that still likes her is named DeeJayGay. Well, I guess that's really not all that unbelievable.

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