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Get PPK-Resurrection way before the other DJ's "Oakeys slammin tune at area one"

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The track everyone is raving about has finally been found after months of searching. It may very well be the best trance track Iv ever heard. I burned a perfect MP3 to disk, and will be getting a dub plate made tomorrow. Hopefully cut about 300 waxes at a pro recording studio, maybe more. This track was bought out by perfecto and probably wont be released for over a year. Bid on a brand new BIC lighter on ebay and you may recieve a copy for free. Check out the track on MP3 .com entitled "PPK-resurrection(space club mix)"

This has been the highlight of every oakey show I've seen, check it out and e-mail me for info, Biggest crowed trancer/stomper Ive ever seen live.

I guess this track will be featured on oakies new album, but since perfecto bought the rights to the song, God only knows when it will be released on wax. I feel everyone shoud have a chance to play this song in their set, not just the superstars.

Im thinkink of putting agnelio and nelson's "El Nino" on the b-side since its been out-of-print for a while and it still gets the crowd going.

If I dont get alot of feedback on this, I wont be doing this at all since it wont be cost effective unless I get 300 of them, so spread the word.

Please dont reply to this topic, just e-mail me if you're interested [email protected]

BTW--I am not selling this album, Ill throw it in free with the purchace of another item.

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