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Massive Electronic Dance Music Festival @ Hammerstein Ballroom 8/25/01 Just Announced


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ARENA 1: House / Techno / Trance


(Transmat, Detroit)The man behind the Transmat label. Derrick May hailing from Detroit is one of the three-man team that introduced the sound of techno to the world. Since the mid 80's Derick has released numerous tracks and has shown the world that techno is more that just a sound it's a state of mind. Take warning that when Derrick May steps behind the turntables you will not be able to stop dancing. Indulge. . .

JOEY BELTRAM [stx records, trestors // nyc]

The international legend known throughout the world for his high energy sets and numerous classics on tresor, r&s and other infamous labels which include energy flash, forklift, ballpark and stx which is his very own label. Get ready as Joey Beltram comes strong, Queens represent.

GAVIN & ROBBIE HARDKISS [columbia records, hardkiss music, sunburn // san francisco]

The Hardkiss name is no stranger to the electronic dance scene. Both Gavin and Robbie are internationally known for their label Sunburn and remix work with God Within, Lords of Acid and Mazzy Star, to name a few. Not only are both Gavin and Robbie flawless mixers but are also flawless in the studio. Keep your ears open as we bring you the sound of the Hardkiss family.

ATOMIC BABIES [x-sight, cold front, bml // nyc]

Joe Natoli and Patrick Messinette have been performing together since the early 90's. Better known as the Atomic Babies their unique sound has been heard around the globe. We are honored to have them performing and hope that all you old school heads are ready to tape a trip back in time. Bass to make you quiver.

SPACEGIRL [hardbeats records, spacegirlmusic.com // moscow - russia / nyc]

Are you ready to experience the trance sound of Spacegirl? With many releases under her belt and amazing crowds worldwide, it is no surprise why she is one of the most influential and respected female trance performers. Don't forget to check out her website where you can get the latest info and music from the trance goddess.

DJ X-DREAM [caffeine // ny]

The driving force behind caffeine DJ X-Dream name, is being synonymous with dance floor excitement. DJ X-Dream seamlessly blends various dance music genres into a body moving masterpiece that is sure to work the crowd into a frenzy

PLEASUREHEAD [masshysteria, park rave maddness, pleasurhead.com // ny]

** Offical CD release for "Aural Pleasurez 2" Give-aways all night long!

This man needs no introduction, "The Trance Perculator" is regarded as one of the countries fastest rising stars, playing gigs as far away as California and Texas. Get ready for the hardest deep bass trance your feet can't handle.

VENOM & SCORPION [uc music, volume records // ri]

Over the past several years these two have played some of the largest and best events up and down the east coast. From booty house to happy hardcore it will be an incredible experience to see them perform together

SCOTT ARNEBOLD & JOSH ISAAC [aka: dj sia, connekted // globalbass // nyc]

Tag team partners and co-producers Scott and Josh will be putting a spring in your step. Their combination of techno and house is sure to put a smile on your face. Watch out for their mix cd and record release this fall.

CHRIS KAUSCH [stuck on earth // nyc]

The seminal event production monul showcases his deep house roots, with a sexy opening set to get you in a groove the right way. Let the funk wash away the stress and open the floodgates to your Stereotopia.

ARENA 2: Turntablism / Hip-Hop / Drum & Bass

THE X-ECUTIONERS [loud / sony music // nyc] On 6 Turntables & 4 Mixers - Featuring:

Rob Swift [1992 DMC East Coast Champion // DJ for Akinyele, Large Professor]

Roc Raida [1994 / 95 DMC American and World Champion // DJ for Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse & Artifacts]

Total Eclipse [1996 ITF World Champion // DJ for Organized Konfusion]

Mista Sinista [1996 DMC East Coast Champion // DJ for The Beatnuts & Common]

The turntablists formerly known as the X-men will be present to amaze all with their mastery of the turntables. The X-ecutioners have toured all over the world and have also appeared on Saturday Night Live and MTV. Do not miss this rare chance to catch them all on 6 turntables and 4 mixers for one night only.

BAD COMPANY [bad company recordings // uk]

I say Bad! You say Company! Bad Company! Bad Company! When the needle drops on their first record, Manhattan Center will shake with the energy of a Richter-shattering earthquake. The bass, shake, rumble, roar, and tumble leaves listeners exhausted and exhilarated. If you caught them at last February's Global Bass, then you know what's in store. If not, get ready for a special set that will never again be duplicated.

ED RUSH [virus // uk]

Another Global Bass veteran, Ed Rush is one of the top five drum and bass artists in the world. Pioneering the neuro-funk sound, Ed Rush single-handedly changed the face of breakbeat music forever. He started it all with "Funktion" on the Planet V imprint, and then spun the scene off into new directions with the "Wormhole Sampler". Ed recently jumpstarted the world of drum and bass with the recent 2CD slammer, "The Creeps," co-produced with the one and only, Optical.

OPTICAL [virus // uk]

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the great Optical in all his glory. For health reasons, the Head Rush's partner in crime has gone AWOL. But for one nail-biting night, New York City will be exposed to the best drum and bass has to offer, with the most stellar pair of tech-step talent ever assembled under one roof in our fair city. And what a roof it is!!! If you can't handle Optical's aural assault then wait till you see what he is preparing for this one landmark night.

PROFILE [blackmarket records, direct drive// uk]

Big up for Direct Drive, NYC's most popular current jungle/drum'n'bass weekly, and DJ Seoul for helping bring this underground sure shot performer out to Manhattan. In the Pirate Radio/ mix tape circuit, Profile is one of the most well-known UK drum and bass jocks in the game and he shows no signs of slowing. As part of the London BlackMarket crew along with Nicky, he is making things happen in a big way across the pond. On Saturday August 25h you'll finally get to see why.

MOVING FUSION [ram records // uk]

The next big thing in drum and bass is making an extremely rare and unprecedented one-stop US appearance at the Manhattan Center for a memorable set of rattling beats and unforgiving bass-lines. This d'n'b duo has collaborated with such fire starters as Andy C and Shimon as well as countless appearances in places as "A Soldier's Story" on Moonshine, as well as guest productions on Renegade Hardware, Bad Company Recordings, and several volumes of Ram Raiders. Their current E.P., "Atlantis" is step one on their ascension to world domination.

MC RYMETYME [virus // uk]

One might think Rymetime would rest, being one of the most sought after masters of ceremonies in the business. Not so. The mic assassin has recently expanded with a barrage of new production including the smash "Frogger." With the broad understanding his new-found experience has garnered him, you will be in for what is sure to be a night of lyrical transcendence.

MC FUN [blackmarket records // uk]

Another Pirate Radio legend, MC Fun has been doing it and doing it well since before the critics, the magazines, and everyone else had any idea what was going down. Bring your lighters -- as MC Fun brings that old school vibe that everyone will always desire.

DRUM ONE [breadbeat science // nyc]

Everyone cannot stop talking about New York's drum and bass phenom. Now this is his chance to show the country what all the fuss is about.

MINDFIELD vs INFINITE [globalbass, satellite, mixed up // nyc]

Two of the Tri-State areas most promising up-and-comers show what they have been preparing for oh so long!

JOSH HOLIDAY [local 13 // philly]

The premier Local 13 Junglist takes you back to the old school for what promises to be an extraordinary show.

ARENA 3:cBreaks / 2-step

Hosted by NYC 2-Step and Drive By

MING & FS [om records, madhatten studios, jungle sky // nyc] Special Breaks Set

4 Decks & 2 Mixers w/ Effects

Citing a broad spectrum of influences ranging from David Bowie, The Beatles, jazz, metal, hardcore, as well as hip-hop; Ming and FS's future is a reflection of their past. They maintain a steady touring schedule across the country while rebelling against purists and classification-mongers everywhere. They're goal of "doing electronic music the right way" seems like it's getting accomplished. They're most recent appearance in New York, opening for a sold-out St. Germain at the Roseland Ballroom, served to highlight the vast musical palette possessed by this diverse duo.

EMMA FELINE [profile agency // uk]

The Supreme Diva of UK 2-Step Garage will be giving us a rare blockbuster performance Saturday August 25th. After co-headlining Starscape, and showing the East Coast crowd what she has to offer, we're excited to bring that same energy for one legendary evening.

DB [nyc 2-step, breakbeat science // ny]

Right now, DB is currently riding the wave of breakbeat garage popularity to it's crest. Taking his experience in breaks and drum and bass and the creation of the scenes as a result, he is now getting acceptance as America's reigning 2-Step champion.

REID SPEED [stuckonearth.com, reeespect // nyc]

Reid Speed is a similar story. With roots including everything from drum and bass to speed garage, Reid has been gaining it for years. NYC 2-Step is in the place to be for one night only.

KNOWLEDGE [columns of knowledge, k:cid:x tracks // ct]

What we're gonna do right here is go back. If you like breakbeats and you were around in 95 when that's all it was about, DJ Knowledge will make you reminisce when he drops the old school breaks set of a lifetime.

DINESH [drive by // nyc]

The man behind the seminal Drive By UK garage series and one of America's top breakbeat garage DJs. See what he brings to the table as he steps behind the decks to demonstrate what he's learned.

JEFF PHILLIPS & TRANSIENT [cyko ecks // nj]

Bringing to mind lumiaries such as Danny Tenaglia and Daren Emerson, the emotional valleys and peaks of their sets will span the Stereotopia spectrum of passion. With a new found understanding of true meaning of this wondrous evening, it all will serve to prove how profound and powerful, the concept of a stereotopia really is.

ARENA 4: Chill Zone

Hosted by Echo Lounge

SASKAI & RANKA [echo lounge // nyc]

RICARDO! [energy // nyc]

HEARTWORM [echo lounge // nyc]

w/ special guest musicians

** Due to Overwhelming Demand we have Expanded the Venue into the upstairs Grand Ballroom where the Turntablists and Drum and Bass Acts will now be playing!

This is the first time the Hammerstein and the Grand Ballrooms have be joined for an electronic dance event.


When doing a show not only does the venue and artists have to be perfect but the production as well. With several months of planning we have put together the finest compliation in sound, lighting, lasers and visuals. Our event production is second to none, don't miss out on the chance to experience one of the most memorable events of a lifetime. The ultimate unification of Music and Community: Stereotopia!!


One word: Turbosound. Do you want the most clear, crisp, body shaking sound? Of course, and what better way to experience your favorite performers then with mind blowing aural sensation.


Scotto's Psychecyberadiant Lightshow™ // From drop.com Scotto is famous from his legendary N.A.S.A parties and seen on tour with Moby, Dubtribe, Orbital, Dee-lite and The Prodigy. He also designed NYC Clubs Webster Hall, Twilo, Limelight, Redzone, Tunnel, and Liquid in Miami. Also watch out for his stunning lasers that will enhance the Stereotopia.


VJ Kevlar - Visualinfinity.com // Watch out as we take visuals to another level in event production. Featuring live camera feeds, special effects, 3D imaging and even video games for all of you to play.


Roaming entertainers which include: Magicians, Clowns, Guest Vocalist, Drummers, Stilt-Walkers, Group Dancers and many additional surprises. . .


Including CDs, Tapes, Records, Clothing and more. . .

17 To Enter

21 To Drink

For those of you 21 and older we have fully stocked cash bars for your enjoyment.



Please only buy tickets from our listed ticket outlets or www.ticketweb.com. If you have any questions about locating an outlet near you, please contact the main info lines and we will be happy to help you out.

Presale tickets ensure rapid entry into the venue for more dancing time.


Limited Ammount $25 & $30

Remaining $35

Day of Show $40

VIP $75

General Admission Tickets: WWW.TICKETWEB.COM / (212) 269.4TIX


VIP Phone Orders: 877.71.GROOVE

VIP Tickets include:

No line entry, T-shirt, CDs and Mix Tapes, private area with refreshments, VIP room entry and a chance to meet your favorite peformer.


If you are interested in setting up a bus trip, vending or promoting for Stereotopia please leave a detailed message on one of our info lines or contact via email


Satellite (212) 995.1744

Sonic Groove (212) 765.5284

Breakbeat Science (212) 995.2592

Other Music (212) 477.8150

Liquid Sky (212) 343.0532


Caffeine (516) 797.7196

East West (631) 451.0034

Tune Town (631) 467.4246


Skyhigh (315) 422.4857

Vital Records (518) 474.3077


Cafe Sounds (973) 509.2233

Outer Limits (973) 340.0013

Concept Music (732) 729.1717

VIP (732) 866.9984


611 Records (215) 413.9100

Undaground Set (610) 432.8822

Hypervinyl (412) 681.4164


Spirtual Emporium (860) 524.9719


Luna Sea (401) 272.5862


Fortune 500 (603) 641.5120


Satellite (617) 536.5482

Growroom (413) 549.9296

4Front Records (617) 236-0335


Flavor (302) 369.6160


Yoshi Toshi (202) 338.5638


Modern Music (410) 675.2172


Culture 7 (614) 297.0998

24 Hour Information Hotlines:

Global Bass: (212) 802.9268

Connekted Communications: (212) 502.3440










The following is a list of the closest hotels to The Manhattan Center in ascending order from the most affordable to the most extravagant.

New Yorker (212) 301.2285

Time (212) 246.5252

Hotel Pennsylvania (212) 736.5000

Sheraton (212) 581.1000

Crown Plaza (212) 986.8800

The Hilton (212) 355.3000


From 4am till Noon

Location and lineup to be announced at Stereotopia.

Afterhours venue is conveniently located within walking distance from Manhattan Center.

Please remember to pick up a Lineup Time Schedule / After Hours Location flyer when arriving at The Manhattan Center.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use a venue NEVER before used for this type of event. Let's show the world that this type of party belongs there forever onward!

Tickets are selling at a fast rate, Please remember presale tickets garuntee entry into the event.

Thanks, we look forward to seeing all our good friends out at Stereotopia.

- Josh and Scott

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