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hey wombat


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haha... i'm not sure if the subject has been over-discussed/posted... but you can talk to my coz... if you recall i told you that he works for playboy, i BELIEVE his position is 'senior designer' (?).

hehehe, just wondering if you really were serious 'bout it!


oh btw, i say don't worry so much about lindsay... she's a cool girl. :)

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I think you should talk to Christina's cousin too. Playboy's a really credible publication, and it would look really good on your resume. Who knows? Maybe you'll be there for a while and work your way up to art director? My two cents to this whoel thing is (sorry all, i actually had to do some work yesterday) working for for playboy, as a really reputable publication, is worth it in itself. . .less this "photo researcher" position isn't what it turns out to be. . .Good luck deciding Marcel

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B2B - every so often Playboy throws some parties at various clubs.. usually they are just lame promo events, but sometimes they have private parties for industry people..

THey had one last year and it cost $700 to get in..


They put up tickets to various Mansion parties on e-bay to auction off for charity.. halloween, new years, etc..

I believe the new year's eve tickets went for $50k or so..

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No i just want to go to the mansion and party there. I have been round the bloody world seeking out the best clubs and parties. Been to Goa and slept on the beach for a week, getting eaten by go knows what, arested in Ibiza, put up with the french people in Paris, put up with glowsticks in NY.

A party at the mansion has to be done before i hang up my dancing shoes.

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