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A fucked up story


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Well, I used to live with this Brazilian bitch and we were actually pretty good friends for a while and roommates for a brief while until I realized what a controlling,dominating,jealous bitch she was.My current boyfriend was someone she had been wanting to get with for a year now,and when she found out him and I started to go out,she flipped. I left school for the summer and when I got my credit card bill I noticed some unauthorized charges on it.Turns out the stupid bitch had stolen my credit card number and bought shit online with it,and was so stupid she even put her name on the account. I called of course the security department of my credit card and told them to take off the charges, and now if I want to press charges against her for fraud I have to call the local police in my area and do so. She stands a good change of being deported since she only has a student visa here. She has also went to a friend of mine in the area and told her that she wasn't guilty at all of the charges (even though that stupid bitch put her fucking name on the account, she is STILL denying she had anything to do with it), and that when she would see me for the first time back in school, she would kick my ass. Why doesn't this bitch realize that I could totally destroy her life if she even lays a hand on me?I felt bad for her,and didn't want to destroy her chances of getting an education in the States and didn't do anything about the credit card, but if she doesn't stop acting like this, I have no clue what to do. Should I show her mercy or just crush her like the big fat nasty pig that she is?

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WOW I cant believe that.... thats f*@#$%$ crazy! Makes you wonder who u can trust eh? And to think your nice enuff to not fuck up her life by giving her a chance to get her edumacation on (much respect for that cuz i no it must have been a hard decision for you and all) and she still talks shit... what is she thinking? I dont understand people sometimes...I wish ya the best of luck in that situation... keep us updated and how everything turns out.

P.S. You got my back if ya need it.. i will whip out the crouching tiger on her ass :monkey:

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Did you put her name on your credit card then buy stuff

for revenge against her liken your boy?

Or is the idjit guilty?

and if shes dumb enough to do what you said she did..

boot her ass :D


" My kung fu will destroy you....for I know

Crouching doughnut hidden beer keg!

ha ha ha

You will fear me now"

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Thanks sunshine,for the support :)

Urallge and big...her ass is too big to spank believe me.I'm not just saying that because she's a bitch, she literally is a fat pig. If you see her in person, you'll understand.

gothzane...good idea, but no I didn't do anything and no her name is NOT on my credit card. Last year I was stupid and I got a phone in my dorm room and my roommate and I agreed to split the bill....unfortunately she didn't keep her end of the bargain and I was stuck with a 550 dollar phone bill...so I learned from that never to trust anyone with anything of mine again....it's just not worth the bullshit.

Basically,my decision is this: I'm going to go back to school,settle in,see my friends,go to classes etc...she's probably going to try to find a way to "bump" into me somewhere..once she starts,I'll see what she does...if I walk away and she follows or she tries to do something...I'll flip her fat ass over and then I'm slapping all these charges on her with no remorse and I'll give her the finger as she's being put on the plane back to her fucking village in Brasilia. It was a very hard decision to come to, because basically I could do that now, but I'm just going to let her destroy herself completely...and then she'll have no one else to blame but herself. Maybe it's stupid....but I feel that I have to be the bigger person in this situation, especially since it's such an idiotic one.

Thanks guys for responding... I will let you know what happens.




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fuck her, stupidity is the greatest form of natural selection, if u dont get her deported she will just stay here and fuck more peoples boyfriends and have stupid babies that will grow up to be stupid people that have more stupid babies that we will all be supporting with our tax dollars, make her brazils problem

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