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Top Tribal>>>>>>>


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Here We Go:

Arabian Fever-Sounds Of Tribal

Claudio Coccoluto-Blues Brunch<<has a nice sample of Janet's That the way love goes

Colours-Guitar Track(Silicone Soul Dark Room Mix)

Cormano-Me Interesa(Carl Cox Mix)

Cubia-Azteca(Main Mix)

Dan Robbins-DBD(Chanting In The Dark)Stephane K or Madam Mix<<<HOT!

DCM-Elemental(Dirty Minx Vocal or Dub)

Drumscape-Transmission<<<Hot!! Tribal + Trance

Antoine Clamaran pres. Infernal ll-Sound Of Africa<<<HOT!

Menace-Sound Of The Floor<<<<<Sick....I Luv it!

Peace Division-Body & Soul

Peter Bailey-U Need It<<<Can't get enough of this

Rhythm Masters-The Underground(The S-Man's Darkstar Mix)<<<HOT!

RPO-Don't You Ever Stop(RPO's Tribal Collisium Mix)<<<Fawkin sick!!

Secret Society-Stolen(John Selway Mix)<<<HOT!!

Sleepfreaks Vs, Pete Bones-In My Mind<<<<been around a lil while but I Like

TataBox Inhibitors-Plasmids 1st(Oscar G & Space Miami Mix)<<<HOT!!

That Kid Chris-Jungle(Ritual Mix)

Choco Loco(White Label)

Whatevergirl-Know You Can(That Kid Chris Mix)

U Think I like Tribal Enjoy!!!


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