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[glow] @ Insomnia


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very impressed with glow at insomnia. if anyone goes there on a regular, i'd like to start going with some people...all my boys are going away to college, and im not really tryin to go alone...if anyone boy or girl is tryin to hit up glow with me that would be tight, just post a message on here...later, jimi

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those that have been to Glow at Insomnia:

Is it still hella crowded? Are they respecting capacity? (Actually, I'm guessing the situation's improved b/c Insomia's a bigger club, but I haven't been yet, so. . .)

And how do they use those three floors? Cheesy german trance/euro techno on every floor, or wha?

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scratchapella...yah man, now that [GLOW] is at Insomnia, there is tons more room, they have the cage u can dance in, and they also brought back one of the black boxes that is directly across from the cage that you can get up on that again and dance on. I'll be there this sat when skribbles is gonna spin. i usually wear all dark clothes...banana or armani, looked for the kid with the chunky spiked hair... like i said, all my boys are leaving for college, and i wanna meet some new people i cant start going with and having a tight time...oh and chynado11, if you want i guess we can meet by the cage sometime...look for yellow glowsticks. and if any ladies are willing to meet to, just to dance talk or whatever, thats cool. im down with whatever, i just want to have a fabulous time...this is what i look like when im not in my club "element."

later , jimi

oh yah...another cool thing is, you can be like 3 feet from the dj, he spins basically on the dance floor, it's better then at zei when he was upstiars...the three floors are like this, main floor, main dj....second floor vip.. third floor hip hop any one can get in it has chairs you can sit in and relax if ur tired.

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