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Fall/Winter Colors...


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is it just me or is ther going to be a plethora of brown going around this fall and winter. everything I look at in like the Dolce&Gabbana catalogs, GQ, esquire, Bannana Rep. Bloomies, Nordstrom everything seems to be Brown tone and lots of greens. Are these the colors theat are in for the fall/winter? whats up?

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yes this is the color scheme for this fall and winter...browns, dark greens, and BLACK.although it is around everywhere, not everyone is doing it, but it is going to be a very dull looking fall and winter. the look though, is aimed to create a simple and sophisticated person. This was very typical of so many designers in new york, and many others such as dolce and gabanna in milan(as you had mentioned.) of course designers such as anna sui and betsey johnson did their own things and were not afraid of color this upcoming season. The greated examples of this dark trend are in the fall lineups of calvin klein,donna karan,and marc jacobs. to add to this dark look, the mod way of doing eyeshadow(charcoal eyes) is also making a comeback.

but this is my motto, just becuase it is out there and everyone is doing it, doesnt mean that you cant do something else. ill be wearing color this fall and winter,becuase the weather and grey sky is depressing enough... why wear it.

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Thanks for the imput I was going to say make up as well. Looks very Gothic-like, dark eyeshadows, and just dark hair tones. Not much color this fall/winter. but like you said just because its out there doesnt me you have to do it...

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