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Coming Saturday, September 15, 2001


Kenosha, Wisconsin

Being young and restless is the first phase of becoming a Master. In order to become a Master you must first be a beginner. The beginners know what they want but don't know how to get there. The Masters know exactly what they're doing. Beginners learn how to become Masters by practicing their skills. The performers here all started as beginners, but now, they're well on their way to becoming Masters. They've worked long and hard to develop and hone their skills. Tonight, we test those skills. Judge for yourself whether they are beginners or Masters, and after tonight, let it be known that they are no longer "The Young and the Restless". An all-out affair will take place at a safe and legal venue out in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Three large rooms with three sound systems, lightshows and visuals to make you move all night and into Sunday morning. With a wide variety of talent from both the Illinois and Wisconsin scenes:

  1. Jes One - Rockford, IL. - The Groove Shop, The Office, Deceptikon Unit, Raverworld.com
  2. James Amato - Milwaukee, WI. - Sonic Foundry, Epiphic, Revolutions, Raverworld.com
  3. Josh "The Funky 1" - Chicago, IL. - UC Music, Mix Connection
  4. Paul Anthony - Chicago, IL - Underground Construction, SHR, Raverworld.com, Fabric Records
  5. Mark Almaria - Chicago, IL. - ABS, Hip House, Dustraxx, Akshun Productions, Raverworld.com, Bunch Lox
  6. Doormouse - Milwaukee, WI. - Addict / Distort
  7. Delta 9 - Chicago, IL. - Psychotik, Industrial Strength, DropBass, Epeteth (FR), Shadowlands(NL), Earache(UK), D-Boy(IT)
  8. Madkid and MC Crow - Minneapolis, MN. Let It Be Records, www.madkid.com
  9. DJ 3D - Chicago, IL. - Uptempo Dance Music, Canvas, Forte,
  10. D-On - Madison, WI. - Deceptikon Unit

    Featured Intergruv Networks DJs:
  11. DJ Crash
  12. Tim Fusion
  13. D-Jam

    Special Guest, the Human Lightshow - World Champion Juggler Mike Price

    Sounds - Starlight Productions and Log Squared

    Lights - Precision Sounds and Lights, Groove Nation, Araya Lights

    Visuals - Sensory Systems

    Doors open at 8:00 PM
    Doors close at 6:00 AM

    Ticket Price: $20.00
    Presale Ticket Price: $15.00
    Pre-Sale Tickets in Stores Aug. 25, 2001

    Presale ticket locations
    Untitled - Chicago 773.404.9225
    Another Level - Chicago 773.767.5732
    Another Level - Schaumburg 847.882.9165
    The Groove Shop - Rockford 815.229.7375
    Grand Central - Kenosha 262.656.1177
    Revolutions - Milwaukee 414.347.1141
    State of Mind - Madison 608.663.5330

    Need a Ride? Call "Super Dave" 847.980.6172


    Upcoming Raverworld.com Events
    Weekend at Bernie's October 13,2001

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