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**Warning: BAD PILL that made me and 8 of my friends sick**


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in my 4 years of rolling....this weekend was the 1st time EVER that i felt sick!! i couldnt believe it, i was the first to drop , and the 1st to feel sick..i thought it was just me but then we all started droppin' like flies.....only one of us actually yacked but we all felt nasty.....

so if you guys see a pill with 3 circles interlinked (in a triangle formation, not straigt across).....stay away from them :(

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yeah when biohazards batch I bought in summer when I tested them they came up that it contained an E like substance.. But out of alot of people only 1 person I know liked them.. I never took them so I can't say. Even testing pills you don't know because in the testing it would not show if the pill is everything you wanted...

Lab results is only way to tell. Buy more then one of the pill , and send it to dancesafe for testing. Remember, even pills from same batch are never same.

Also, names mean nothing!!!

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