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some hard sh^t (my opinion)* im listening now .. i know alot of people listen to hard on this board... try these out. some are new.. some are old.

dj vortex, legion of the lost

westwood bros. - shrub b2

jackie nova vs yanni - what you mean to me wishing well

ophidian- absolute evil

rtc contra headbanger- pscho game (gives sadelb a hardon)

jermyn- azote

dj vadim drip- the god and the angel

mondello - anything .. lol hes got a few new trax out.

join "no cheeze list" for trax like these. ect. no free loaders. e-mail skwanko@aol.com or sadelb.. *we;re not looking for quantity, but quality.. more then 70 on list now. weeding out cheeze this week.. join.

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