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Tiesto is going to be at World in NYC on October 20th along with Rui da Silva that sings the great song touch me...that song is siickk and great vocals as well..then he is going to Giant but thats in Cali but the NYC appearance is probably the closest your going to get to him for now



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thats the same day as PvD at the armory right? hmmm maybe PvD first and then Tiesto later at Glow depending at what time PvD ends up and Tiesto is supposed to go on....

looks like they pile everything on that weekend, its going to be insane


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I am not sure about the timing for Glow, but I know that PVD is done at 2am. So still plenty of time to see Tiesto, considering they usually close at 4am.. (and I hope/guess they'll go longer for Tiesto's performance, especially due to the DC Armory event).

So let's go to the site (clubglow.com) and email them and ask to stay open late, so we can catch both!! That would be so crazy!!

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I hope so, I wonder what other DJ promoters can cram on that weekend in DC, with Seaman, Deep Dish, PvD and Tiesto....OMG....I dont know in what sort of condition I'll end up after that weekend...

I think I'll take the following Monday off to give me extra time to recover, 'cause I'll be in serious, serious pain !!!

:D :D :D

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