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I dont have much on this one , but it had a female saying something in it , really didnt seem like a vocal cause the womens voice only said something for a little amount of time . I hear it almost every time im at exit, i know draper played it between 1230-130. this past friday, the beginning kinda sounded like it was diamonds but it wasnt . Draper plays this every week , and i can never make out what the women voice is saying .

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only thing i can think of that he played was Kosheen (Suzanne Palmer)-Hide You....but thats probably not it!!! uhhhh but i knew almost every song between that time frame.....and i think thats the only vocal i heard of.....or "rapture" or "who the hell are you" by madison avenue (illicit mix).....let me know if any of those are right?? hope i helped....laterz!!!:tongue::eek::tongue::eek:

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None of those were the songs, i know those vocals, he played this song before way before rapture, and before hide you , i dont remember if it was before or after who the hell are you . I know exactly how the beat goes but i cant type it . the beat gets more and more up tempo, then a womens voice says something , and what she says goes exactly along with the beat .

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