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New Years in Barcelona(SPAIN)

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Yo dude!

Man you'll have an amzin' time!

Have'nt been there for New year but man does that city rock.

Try the dotlight, loungier but has a dance floor in the back with the best projections I have seen. The best club we found was a really small one on the same little street [right off Las Ramblas street]. It has no name that I know of but the music is allway excellent and everybody's partyin' till late, very late. And you seriously have to find a place wich is called somethin like "Bosque de las feroles" Forest of the ferries in english. Closes at 2:30 but definitely the best place to chill if you feel let's say "otherworldly". Seriously man you dont wanna miss that one even if you just go for one drink. Right acros the wax Museum in a little alley [ask for one or the other and people should know]

In terms of real after-hours clubs, my personal pick would be the Moog [they have flyer boys everywhere]. We had excellent tecno, people were chill and the ambiance great. But it's a no frills kinda place so I would'nt suggest goin' only there. Try the Apollo and the Japan. I heard of a club located in a castle on top of one of the hills but have'nt been there. Dont go to Maremagnum [right on the waterfront] or you'll end up dancin' on Shaiana Twain [What can I say man... Iwas seriously drunk!].

That's it man for my pix but hell! there's a lot to explore. One last one... in terms of accomodation. The "Kabul" I cant recommend the place strongly enough. It's a Youth Hostel and a little pricy for that matter but it's THE place in Europe if what you're down for is nonstop party. The only way to get some sleep at the Kabul is to come back totally fucked at seven in the mornin'. Then you can get a couple hour's rest before you start all over again . Man there's vending machines with 75 cents beer right in the cafeteria! Do I need to say more.

That's it man, reach me in the PM's if you have any questions but you'll love Barcelona anyway. Party hard mate.

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I just studied in spain for the fall semester, right outside of Madrid, but I visited Barcelona. A good party is the Olympic port...Lots of different selections between clubs and barsand they are literally right next door to each other...like 20 places. Either Space or Pacha has a small club there...lots of fun. However, doesn't really matter where you go in Spain...there's always a good party!!! :eek::laugh::D :D :D

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