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NEW YEAR'S EVE: 2001 - 2002

*Progressions Sessions feat:





DJ SEOUL & CASSIEN (Direct Drive)

HIDE (Dub Lab)

*2Step/ Nu Skool Breaks:

SARAH WALKER (Hit the Breaks, Static)

REID SPEED (Direct Drive, NY 2Step)

HENRY J (Breakbeat Science)

*Techno/ House/ Tech House:

DAVE HOLLANDS (Minimal Wage)

LINUS aka slynus (VA)

MR ROBB (Intergroove)


LUNA (NYEX), DOTS (Hooka Lounge)

*Visuals Provided by: MAJESTIC 12

LIMELIGHT - 6th Ave (20-21st St) NYC

$40 with Invite/ 10 to 8am

18+ to Dance/ 21+ to Drink, Pls Bring ID

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Originally posted by present-tense

Hey ill be at World....went there last year and it was a pretty good time...last year the doors opened later though ....is anyone really getting there at 8pm? let me know

I WAS AT THE WORLD LAST YEAR TOO!! Unfortunately, this year I can't get there early, so I will be freezing outside forever!?!?!?


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Hey, I will be at world also, I was wondering what was the attire like? What do they mean by semi formal... would a blouse and skirt or leather pants be inappropriate? What kind of music do they play? and do yall think any celebs will be there?

oh, one more thing... I am new at this clubplanet thing and was wondering if yall ordered thru this site, cuz i am kinda confused... i got my tickets but it says that the tickets aren't valid til you fax some form and then we have to bring the credit card and photo id to the club... is all this really necessary if we got our tix already... i mean i will do it , but shit this is annoying!!

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Ummm...when i went last year...from what i remember...it was somewhat classy dress...people seemed to be a little more dressedup then your regular clubs...go with the skirt and a nice shirt...im sure you wont have a problem...as for celebrities...chuck zito was there...he was in vip...teck money or whatever the hell that guys name was there in the crowd...but besides that i dont really remember anyone else hanging in the crowd...most of the celebs stayed on the stage for like the midnight festivites and about 30 min of funkmaster flex......music wise it was mostly house....except for the 30min of funkmaster flex which was only done for MTV purposes...one of the drawbacks...except for when he played Jump Around...cant go wrong with House of Pain....i also got my tickets through CP and have no idea what the hell they are talking about since we have the badges and tickets...get back to me if you hear anything about it...later

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First welcome to CP!!

Last year I was soo worried about not getting in b/c of clothes and all that stupid stuff, so I got my hair done and wore an outfit that I would wear again?!?! Both outfits you suggested are fine.

Music--very mainstream, house and hip-hop....last year it was a great mix, I look at it like this: I go out all the time and can dance to club/trance/etc. all the time so on New Year's Eve want to be different....Plus MTV is there.....last year I gave Tec a beer and my cousin was on T....it was soo much fun!! also it was not so crowded that you couldn't move, perfect amount of people!! Trust me I would not be doing it again if I didn't like it!!

AND All you need are your tickets and that pass to get down the street from 8th ave. b/c it is blocked off, don't worry about anything else (i think?? and HOPE)

SEE YOU THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!

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WEll for everyone going I am a little shy so come say "HI"!!!!

I will be wearing black shinny/trendy pants with an elecetric blue off the shoulder tummy showing shirt....I usually am the:

Italian 5'2" 100lb long black hair, girl dancing by herself (I go out with all my guy cousins so they are off finding the ladies)

hope to see some people there......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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