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A ? 4 Tasty & C.C.

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But here is another tempting offer....

How about the three of us on the Nude Beach during WMC ???


I saw that you 2 are finally interested..... I'll even spring on half the ticket..... for Both of you !!!!

I'm dying to make a B~SIDE Sandwich with you two Gemini's

Just synchronize your vacation time and I can synchronize the rest

:letsgo::hump: :hump:

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March 23rd - 27th

The pic was from Last yearsHustler Party..... where they were filming for a Porno.... Most of the really good pics have an audience near by....


I've never heard of a Public Porn Shoot.... But this is MIAMI:rolleyes:

SoHowzAboutit Ladies???

B-SIDE sandwich = 2 particularly hot Gemini's with a Scorpio in between heated up for a minimum of 4 hours and cooled down with a premiere bottle of Champagne


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