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the funniest camping joke ever!!!!!!

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Two best friends decide to take a camping trip for a week in the mountains. After three days, they want to kill each other.

So, Bob says, "Why don't we split up for the day. You go up to the north and I'll go down to the south." Al agrees it's a good idea to split up.

After the day is over they meet back at the campfire to discuss the days events. Al goes first. "I had a beautiful day, Bob. I walked to the to pof the hill, found a pond and decided to sunbath there for the day. I saw a deer and it's baby drink out of the pond, a bear and it's cub playing in the grass. It was beautiful. How wa your day?"

"Well, AL, it was sort of the same. I walked down to the bottom of the mountain and followed these train tracks when all of a sudden I found a gorgeous woman tied to the tracks. I untied her, gently picked her up and we made passionate love all day long."

All excited now, Al asks "Well did you get a blowjob?"

"No.....I couldn't find her head!!!"

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