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411 on huge, blue pills with "N" (or "Z" if you turn it around)...any1 evr try t

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my co-worker had these blue speckled pills with some random little green ones too....they were big as hell too, like an asprin. i licked it and it tasted like shit, but not as bad as most other pills ive had....

anyone ever see or hear of these?? they have a faint "N" stamped on them (could also be read as a "Z"...not sure)

thanks :D

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yeah i know those i am pretty sure i had those on new years they were big as hell and tasted like shit...unlike anything i have had before and i've a lot but they were really good...if they were the same ones they were a very clean roll and every one of us that took them had equally fabulous rolls

hope that helps the ones i had had Z's on them also

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