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New York needs a "Radio1" station!

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If anyone is paying attention, New York desperately needs to put together an all day/all night house and trance radio station similar to Radio1 in the U.K. There is definately a market for it, there are hundreds and thousands of people in the Tri-State area that have plunged into an emerging new music genre.

For those of you who have experienced Radio1, its off tha meter and there is no reason why New York cannot generate the same vibe Radio1 has developed. New York City is the most recognizable city in all of the world, its about time someone steps up to the plate and take the industry by storm.

Lets say we call the New York station, Radio Gotham. There is enough music in New York City to supply live sets all week long. Not only can the station feature live all night after hours sets from the major venues around New York City, Radio Gotham can take the show on the road blowing up live from major events like Winter Music Conf. in South Beach, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System from the UK, live in Ibiza, Spring Break with Jonathan Peters live at La Boom in Cancun. Lets put it together and bring the music to the people. If you need a program or marketing director, give me a call and lets make Radio Gotham a reality!!!

For years house and trance has been underground in the eyes of the music industry, but it has slowly been gaining momentum over the last several years. People in the industry have been taking notice of "artists" like Hex Hector who uses the tables and boards as his music canvas. As of the new Millennium, the music industry itself has completely changed. The days of the legendary bands like the Doors and Pink Floyd have long since passed, yet they are still some of the best selling albums every year. If you look into the Billboard Top 100 today, you'll see the temporary faceless acts like Britney Spears (very hot), Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and other well marketed acts. Of course all of these groups fit within a certain market, some are talented in their own right and other like O-Town, are you f'n kidding me. Right in front of your MTV eyes, they create this want to be overnight sensation... please! In 25 years from now, where will all these artists be? I can tell you where they will NOT be... in your cd player or on the Billboard Top 100 best selling albums of the year 2027. Yet I'm willing to bet that people will still be buying albums from the Doors and Pink Floyd some 50-60 years after they were originally created. KTU is too commercial and will never gain the same respect of mainstream and underground house and trance "artists" like Junior Vasquez, Hex Hector, Sasha and Digweed, Jonathan Peters, Danny Tenaglia, Danny F'n Howells, Johnny Vicious, Paul Oakenfold, PVD, etc. etc.

Radio Gotham, I wish it was coming to a station near you... anyone else feeling me on this?

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