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Attn: Dj's. 2 questions

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i'm hoping to get dj's perspectives on this topic but everyone's feedback is appreciated.

first, how do you guys plan out a set? you follow any formula? building up to a climax? mellow tracks in the beginning to harder faster songs at the end? or do you play the songs you love in order to get people to dance and convert them to your taste?or do you spin those that will get the loudest most satisfied crowd reaction? stick to one genre or you bounce back and forth( hard house, deep house, trance, etc.)? - this is meant to regard live crowds, nothing beats a live audience.

second, where do you buy your records? you go to a few select reliable shops or do you zealously hunt down those magic songs all over?

thanks in advance.

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I usually start my sets of with schranz (minimal party techno) to get the night started. Something that's got a good beat for those diehards that will dance to anything, yet not too anthem-atic since people are still filing into the club. Once the dancefloor starts filling up, I'll play with a few different styles to see which ones they're reacting to best. Then I'll really start building my set from there after I've found what kinda beats they're getting into. A typical set that I'll play goes something like: schranz, hard house, nrg/trance, techno-industrial and dark schranz/techno, and then I'll end the night by building it up into some gabber/hardcore with a few anthems mixed in to finish them off.

As far as where I get my tracks, a lot of the shit I play I edit at home before I'll play out. A lot of the songs I play don't seem quite finished in their original form, so I'll add more of a driving beat to them before I play them out. Also, a lot of the stuff I play I'll get directly from the labels that release them. I know which labels release the stuff that I like, so I won't bother much with sifting thru crates in a record store when it seems like a lot of stuff in record stores is misplaced in the wrong genres anyway. And usually, I'll probably listen to a couple hundred tracks every week, but I usually only end up keeping 25 of them that I'll stick in my catalog.

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