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i meant to put this under the danny thread

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kinda related to this. ..i don't know if any of you went to the danny howells party for new years eve, but just read some bogus shit by greg that danny dropped heaven's scent at the end of the party. . .sasha and digweed did the same, cept it was at the end of each set on their tour all over the midwest and west coast. . .like we're all the same grip of trons programmed to wave our fucking hands and go cragee when we hear digweed drop that oldie (though, i'm admitting that i did enjoy hearing it again. . :tongue: ), not really in any "moment" or in response to any "vibe" from teh crowd. . .just a prescheduled tracklisting? so it seemed? whateva. . .anyways, i was wondering if any of you went to that party and what you thought was so "right" about that moment (when howells put on heaven's scent)?

ohhh, moreover, what are these "perfect" moments, and what tracks do you think are most appropriate?

(sorry about teh awful english, i didn't sleep much last night. . .)

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