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Best friends of the opposite sex

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Okay I have a good friend that I wont hook up with, so I am talking to this guy in work the other day and telling him how good we get along blah blah...

And I told him we wouldn't hook up because we love our friendship to much..

But anywayz he asked me if I would be mad if he hooked up with one of my friends or if I would hook him up and I said yes...

Cuz I want him to myself and I dont want any of my friends having him.. is that weird??

I mean even tho we care about each other but wouldn't hook up??

I mean he has had girlfriends but when it comes to my friends I dont want them having him??:confused:

Hes mine mine mine!!!:D

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Guest danni133


Girl I know how you feel. Although you don't wanna hook up with him, you can't help but be jealous of any girl, especially a friend of yours. But at the same time, you need to either hook up with him and explore that avenue or let him do his thang. As much as it sucks and I don't blame you because I've felt this way before, you have to choose the relationship and stick to it.


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Yeah I am not really jealous of him hooking up with girls.. I dont know just when it comes to my girls.. but he never tried anywayz..I guess I never thought about it thats why..

I just hate when he is with a girl and he tells me of the fucked up shit she did to him then I want :blown: her lol!!

But hey we both promised each other if we werent married by the time we were 35 we would marry each other lol..

I dont want to hook up with him because our friend ship is so close and it always feels good to have him there with out all the complications attached..

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