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I Spotted A Hottie!!!

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...and did absolutely nothing!

There I am in a local steak house...having an early dinner w/ my bro, his girl, our friend, my mom, and my step-brother....and this lovely cutie steps in and sits at the bar with his two friends....

So I see him look at me....and it was like, a look...not just a glance...like a "hey I'm just scoping the place out" kinda glance....it was more like a "hiya there baby" kinda look....So stupid me leans over to my bro's girlfriend telling her what I see...and I didn't realize he was watching us from the mirrors that are behind the bar.....LOL.....I couldn't help but to laugh...and he cracked a smile too....

So to make a long story short, I left and did or said nothing....The ball was obviously in my court, because I had my family all around me....but what should I have done? And how? And when???

I hate when I have to make the effort....I never know what to do:mad: :mad: :mad:

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I think the honus is on guys to make the first move usually. Although when I see someone in a group, I'm less likely to do so. Simply stated, you blew it. We all have at one time or another. :mad: Learn from it and don't make the same mistake twice.

Advice for women in groups. If a guy is obviously ogling you and does nothing, one reason could be because you're surrounded be cockblockers. Take a time out, i.e., go to the bar alone to pick up a drink or whatever. If he doesn't make a move when you're alone, something else is wrong (probably with him).

-Juice :afro:

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Originally posted by bon143

Yups I definitely agree I always leave it up to the guys..

Us girls shouldn't have to work if they want it come get it..


Well if you read above you'd see that I was surrounded by family.....Do you usually go out pickin up chicks that are w/ their grandma-ma?

I didn't think so:rolleyes:

AS IF....he wouldn't have approached me while I was with my lonesome....AS IF:o

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Guest danni133

As for me, I have no problem making the first move. Usually guys even say that they are impressed when I do. If I were you, I would've went over there or at least walked to the bar or somewhere and motioned with him to do the same.



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