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bangin Trees from Amsterdam

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met up with a friend of mine from Amsterdam yesterday. he came down for the weekend and brought a little ganja with him. well if anyone would like to know if the pot is good there the answer is yes. its 5 bucks a gram for some dank ass trees, and 9 for some crazy mothafuckin bangin bud. unfortunately i couldnt get the craziest but it was damn good. i havent smoked in like 3 weeks cause theres only HASH in Italy. my friend who is one of the bigggest potheads i ve ever met said that hes never smoked better weed in his life. so i guess the myth is true. go to amsterdam if you can... i know i will.

he said that the mushrooms he gets there are fresh and u need to eat alot of them to trip.... i guess he hasnt tried drying them out yet.

anyone have any idea what would happen if i tried to send it home? i know eveyone has their opinion... but it is worth it?

:smoke: :smoke: :smoke:



attn blazyn... we might have to hit that up... although the 17 hour train ride might not be too pleasant... im thnking maybe a plane.... :confused:

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