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im the SOULSHKA! work.....

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I cant believe danny pulled this out of the bin at like 5:45.....what a surprise....definetly made my night...vinyl was fuckin great,danny played very tribal/souldful house in the begining of his set, then progressively got harder as the night went on.....so many bangin tracks.......he got on the mic and told eveyone that he forgot 3 cd books.......then he said....BUT I STILL GOT THE BOMBS..and turned the music up....THATS HOW ITS DONE..watch and learn! :0 Danny made my birthday a memorable one....

TRACK ID.....played round 4:30.....CONSISTENT housey bassline...with a guy talking over it the whole time...with what sounds to me like jamaican/englsh guy..something like that..only words i can make out are him going WORK WORK WORK.....any ideas???????

Also, what is he first vocal that he played....very dark...gives me the chills


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