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Strange fact for the females out there... (warning men, girl topic)

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They say when females live in close together they start cycling together. Sure we have all found this to be true. You wake up one morning and next thing you know you AND your sister are now fighting over the bottle of tylenol... And it's not because you were both at the same bar the night before...

They say when a female starts ovulating, your body produces a certain phermone that can only be sensed by another female. It's produced in your body and excreted through ur armpits. When another female senses this it later triggers an urge to subcontiously reproduce... Therefore tricking your mind into speeding your cycle up...

Now ain't that some shit...!!! Guess I'm kinda glad I never joined a Sorority house... that coulda been bad...

Just thought I'd share my knowledge... Pretty interesting huh?

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