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So I finishing listening to Dts Essential Mix after reading Spikesnj post about it, and decide to go dig up some old cds...found 2 old ones....

1.Total Kaos Compilation--put out by Tribal in 95'

-Music So Good-USL

-Unreleased Project(e-beats)-Dj Vibe

-Unreleased Project(lth goes e/2 pm mix)-Dj Vibe

-Work In Progress(into the drums mix)-L.L. Project

-So Get Up(kingsize mix)-USL

-Urban Dream Of Love(alexs Ultimate Mix)-Urban Dreams

-Free Yor Mine(funky gnomes mix)-T.Ricciardi

-So Get Up(danny's get-upella)-USL


2.United Djs Of America-95'

David Morales & Frankie Knuckles

Disc 1

Disco Elements-Volume 4

Ly-Back 2 Zanizibar


Maydie-Keep On Luvin

Project Sound-Sweet In The Morning

Black Shells-The Anthem

Dj Dexter-In My House

The Boss-Congo

Thunderdome-Love & Music

Mixx Vibes-Just Cant Get Enough

Industry-Release Me

Lee Genesis-You Cant Separate Me

Disc 2

Secret Life-Love So Strong

Kerri Chandler-Glory to God

Romanthony-Ministry Of Love

Kathy Sledge-Another Star

Deep Dish Pres. Prana-The Dream

Millionaire Hippies-I Am The Music

Way Out West-Ajare

Viola Sykes-In the Morning

Barbara Tucker-I Get Lifted

Andrea Mendez-Bring Me Love

Elastic Reality-Cassa De X

Allison Limerick-Where Love Lives

:):D Two great cds.

Anybody Get Any Others?

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