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track id!!!

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i just downloaded this version of jp's going through it from AG. now, the version is 11mins and 50secs long.....at exactly 7mins and 10secs and than again at 8mins and 08secs there is a build up from another song mixed in and i dont know the name of that song that is mixed in.....i've been looking for that song for a long time and i know jp plays all the time but was never lucky to find out the name of the song....so if anyone knows about what im talking about please let me know if u know the song....it's gotta be the 11:50 version....thanx

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Originally posted by spd1980

Or he could be talking about the sample of

Thomas Schumacher - Play Fast N Loose

much appreciated bro.....i've been lookin for this track forever i swear!! somebody up there cares about me and my music lol:cool: !!! thanx a lot...........hot fuckin track

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