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HOLY SMOKE - the second coming

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:hat: CANNABIS - smoke it? Like it? Make clothes out of it? (mmm....) whatever you do with it , it clearly shouldn't be illegal n we're nearly there. After asll the time n effort thats been put into the campaign up to this point it would be a bit crap to stop now. So lets get the law changed in the face of all the malinformed types that have listened to 30 years of lies. Like almost everything else (:confused: ) on this planet the festival costs some dollars to put on so lets get down n dirty with the broken beatz n the country n western acid house n the tribal tech-house types to see if we can't contribute some more £$£$£ to the festy.

APRIL 13th, MASS, St. Matthews Church, Brixton SW9

Holy Smoke - The Second Coming

is once more at Mass, and features :

Memphis 9 (Alabama 3 sound system) (Live)

Clown Warfare (live) b2b Spaced (Live)


The D.V.Ant Mob

Kun-e ( Black Sheep)

Jammin' (Black Sheep)

Ricky Rock (The Laundry)

Olly Grooves (The Laundry)

Damian Isaacs (The Laundry)

Alison Marks ( The Laundry / Bedroom Bedlam )

Steve Da Conga ( The Laundry )

Dave Daniels (Form)

Raoul (Form)

Virtual Bongo visuals - ( www.piratetv.net )

PhAt LiNe Up..........

£10 door dollars, £8 Concessions.

Further info from clownwarfare@good1.com

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