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Recap of my B-day!

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I promised u peeps that I would fill u in on 21st b-day so here's how it went. The night was a little blury, but my friends helped out.

Started off the night w/ a limo picking us up at 10. We had to go get my other friends in West Orange so we after that we were on our way to R-Bar, in Garfield. There was 6 of us in the limo, and we stocked it up w/ So. Co., Moet Champagne, & Natural light(high class). Had Carl Cox(global) bumping and also California Cocksucker 5 was playing in the v.c.r.( gotta have porn).

I think we got to R-bar like around 11:30. The reason why we started there was b/c another girl has the same birthday as me(happy b-day Leanne!) & her friends were sponsoring this bar. So all my friends were there and as soon as we walked in they bombarde me w/ shots. U gotta love having alcoholic friends! Every where I looked there was another person waiting for me w/ a shot . No joke I must have done about 15 shots within a span of 45 min. I remember the bartender there was really hot and I was telling her to make sure that she put ruffies in my shots.. she thought it was funny. At around 12:15 we had to leave b/c I was gonna make sure we were making it to China Club. As soon as I step out of the bar I tossed it all over the parking lot.My friends were all laughing there asses off.

Most people would call it quits but nope not me. We got into the limo and popped the champagne. I was pacing myself at this point b/c I wanted to make it there. When we pulled up to the front of the club the bouncers knew who were b/c they said "Pete's B-day party right?" I called ahead of time and sure enough they remebered. Its funny how they treat u when u r in a limo. Then 5 of us got comped at the door, my one friend had to pay b/c he went in front of us. That sucked but we bought him drinks when we got in. The drinks were expensive as hell. My friend said it cost him $28 fo 2 buds and 2 shots of so co. A shot of Jaiger was $8:mad: . Anyway the club itself was amazin. And the girls were Ridiculous. They looked liked models well then again I had my beer goggles on but my frinds said they were all hot!

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