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Joke about women...

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Theres these 3 girls outside a hotel. The Sign says "Vacany for Women Only". They ask the bellboy outside and he tells them that their is 5 floors..each floor have men on it. Go and stay the night..the perfect man awaits. So they go in and go floor by floor:

1st floor: Sign says when they open the elevator "Ugly men on this floor and horrible lovers"

2nd Floor: Sign says "Ugly men, but not bad lovers"

3rd Floor: Sign says "Poor good lookin men that are decent lovers"

4th floor: Sign says" Perfect men in perfect shape with lots of money and they are the best lovers"

Mostly pleased, the girls think they should stay on the 4th floor. Yet they cant resist and decide to hit up the 5th floor.

5 th Floor Sign reads " No men on this floor...this floor is just here to show that women are never satisfied"

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Originally posted by ReginaP

:laugh2: Hey, there could have been something better just one floor above ;):cool::tongue: Cute joke sweets.

Even funnier is the person who told me this joke...a girl! She admits to this disturbing fact..Oh well...:D Can't live with em, Can't live without 'em

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