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i met a guy at royals last saturday or wehenever he had his party, he told me he had hook ups at element, he's met tons of djs, used to be in the dc synicate group...spins d&b, knows people, i could spin @ element if i wanted to, all i have to do is tell him and he could set something up, i know element isn't that great of a club, but its exposure and it would be so fun for me...anyway i think im gonna wait until i get a lil better to take him up on that offer...anyway i still need a dj name.:)

p.s. he told me that the afghan djs that spin there, trainwreck constantly, and all they do is pull the xfader across with no beatmatching at all...im way better than that...so one day soon, i follow in shadys footsteps...lol

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