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It's 4:35 and I'm having such issues falling asleep!


It wasn't until I read one of Ms Fiery's threads that I realized how completely and utterly in need of "male assistance" that I really am at this moment in time....

..but does this really effect sleeping habits? I mean, it hasn't been long since the last time i had sex at all...but we all know how I have even bigger issues in the orgasm dept.....so it's been like...maybe three months since there's been any touchie touchie action from me....

So whatever....I'm so craving :hump: and then...:zzz:...and a lil' more :hump: :hump:........

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uhhhhh... yeah. i'm definitely with you on this one marci... i need lovin'. Like some hardcore muthafuckin lovin'.

i need to be :licker: . . . .i need to be :hump:

. . . . :woah: . . . .

it's bad... and hey, i've been having trouble sleeping for like months... maybe it really is the reason... :confused:

can someone just please fuck me so we can test this theory?

::but purely in the name of science, of course...:: :tongue:

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ok...i tried a long hot bath and read a lil'......and still nothing...

wtf...this shit never happens to me!!!!!

Where are the sex board studs w/ their godzilla cocks when I need them most? :mad:

Holy shit...i think i'm gonna have some kind of anxiety attack.....

:shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake:

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