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Guest xfactor834

Child Porn...So Sad...

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Guest xfactor834

This has been in the news lately, and since this is a sex board, we should talk about the good and the bad.

Anyway, the website www.lilamber.com is technically a child porn site.

But it has no nude pictures.

It's a bunch of pre-teen girls modeling in swimsuits and stuff, and the President of the company claims that he's walking the line between "innocent imagery" and "child pornography".

Anyway, I think it's the sickest thing.

I mean, when I see a little girl running around in a bathing suit, I don't get hard. And it's certainly not wrong to see a lilttle girl in a bathing suit.

But for people to actually watch this stuff online, get hard to it, jack off to it...

Seriously... :blown: :blown: :blown:

Anyway, I just can't believe this garbage exists.


Here's the news link...


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I'm glad my mother never let me be in that Giggles Cookies commercial. Seriously. I feel bad for people who get off on children. Obviously something is terribly wrong with their brain. I have three nieces and I would die if anything happened to them. I'd kill somebody.

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