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I just wanna say...

You are an animal on the dance floor! My spirit was with you for the short while I was there, but my legs were givin out due to prior activity (oh yeah that and I'm gettng old)...but watching you react to the music was like lookin in a mirror...get yours...DH was slammin it righteous...

btw...i came lookin to say goodbye, Happy Easter, and get that spanking in...i'll have to get you next time...:tongue:

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Thanx baby...Danny was the fawkin man...babes I was wondering where you disappeared to:( My legs and toes are paying for saturday but it was well worth it....woo hoo :bounce: Happy Easter to you too babes.

I think I may have to take it easy for awhile...I'm in soo much pain. i need a masseus...Please :blown: already

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see that...if i stayed i would've massaged those legs and little piggies for you..but i had to drive chris all the way to suffern and then back to nj...only to sleep 3 hours b4 drivin to south nj for easter brunch...ugggh...

...next time...i drive only myself and cancel all plans for sunday...

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Originally posted by fierydesire

I got to sleep...:tongue:I don't celebrate that easter stuff, but Im still shot. next time babes..you can be my masseus;)

Actually, Greek Easter is on May 5th this year...diff. calendar...will be celebrating w/ corona and tequila...but to be honest i've been to church once in the last 2 or 3 years...that's a whole other conversation....

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