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Guest bellaragazza

What should I do?

I have a friend who has been having a really hard time just living life lately. He can't hold down a steady job because he says that "these jobs aren't for him". He decided to go back to school this winter and worked really hard to convice the school to take him back and just got told today that he just shouldn't go back. He fell asleep in class and the councelor told him that it was enough and not to return.

I want whats best for him because he doesnt really have anything to fall back on. His home life isn't the greatest and his parents threaten to kick him out every other day. Thing is though, he's a really smart kid, he has the potential to do so well in life but just can't seem to get motivated or if he is just can't stick through something.

Anyways, where i'm going with this is here.. I've tried so hard, spent so much time telling him he could do it, gave so much energy to him and tried to help him through everything but he just keeps failing. It's not that I don't want to help and I surely do care it's just I find it hard to keep encouraging someone who just keeps failing.. I mean he was only taking four classes this semester and wasnt working.. I don't think there is any excuse for not being able to go to class..

anyway... what would you do?

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First of *Warm hugs for you*

I know the burden of this. Your friend is lucky to have you.

Besides obvious depression and a lack for the taste of life.

Your friend either needs a hobby a hug or a kick in the ass.

How do you save a person who wants nothing but the comfort of their own grave?

Sure you can medicate them....throw them in a padded cell (although fun for the first couple of days...its gets crazy in there)

Sometimes we have to hit rockbottom before we see what we fell through...what we gave up.

Some refuse healing no matter how passionitly you offer it to them...for those....you must step back...offer your unconditional love...your well wishes...and just step back...or theyll take you with them...down into oblivion.


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Guest bellaragazza

i'm so disappointed in him. :worry::unhappy::cry:

why is it that i'm always expected to save the day??? this isn't my life and it's not my problem to fix.. yet i feel so guilty if I don't bend over backwards and help.

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least he wants your help...least he wants something.

better then them refusing..pushing you away.

Perhaps this one needs to fall on his ass.

Let him feel his pain.

Let time decide.

If hes leeching off of you.

He has to be burned.

Better now then when your both on the bottom.

Cruel....but if HEs not willing to help HIMself.

For what reasons must YOU be comitted to HIM?

It is an honor to support a friend in their time of need.

But enough is enough.....

You have time that needs attending too.

Your needs still go wanting.


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