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Free At Last! Free At Last Thank God Almighty Im Free At Last...

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Could it be? the infamous cloud of darkness that gloomed over my head for a larger portion of my life, has now drifted away? could this be a new leaf for the infamous DgModel? Could God,Luck,&Fate be all on my side and at the same time???

Could It be possible??? Hopefully this is goodbye to sad posts and dreary self-deprecating humor... From Here To Fame Bebe!!!



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what is this vh1 behind the SN... sheeeeeeeeeiiiiit! yes i used to wear NKOTB gear to school... i was a sk8r kid, i used to wear anything that was odd and stood out... sometimes still do... as for the journey to SugarHill, not neccassary, ill cum see you... as for tony... i have no clue were that pudgie chink is... he dodges my calls and doesnt like me anymore... :(

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