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New Orleans

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you mean there is more to new orleans than bourbon st?

just being in new orleans is a party... walk down the street and you are bound to find some sort of trouble. there is a club that plays progressive trance on weekends somewhere on the top of bourbon st, but its kind of a haze. just be there and that's all you need to do. bring a camera so you remember what you did... or at least you can say "i don't know who that is" "i don't know who they are" or "i don't remember that girl but we must have met because we're kissing".

FYI i'm not terribly into the drinking scene, but its just too much fun down there. one drink minimums at clubs and bars are really optional on crowded nights (nobody will ever check) but the $5 you pay to get on balconies is unavoidable. keep a steady supply of hurricanes coming (they taste like fruit punch but will knock you topless) so you can last for hours.

have fun!!!!!!



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