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Hey Nifer: I don't know if you've ever been down to the Tampa Bay area before, or if you have friends here who know the area. Generally, the best place for lots of options is Ybor City, lots of bars and clubs. Amphitheatre and VIP are the best options, depending on what you're into.

By the way, do you use the name "Nifer" on any other message boards? Like for hobbies, for instance?

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this will be my second time going to tampa/sarasota for business (week-long all expenses paid vacation, gotta love it). i went last year and found tampa somewhat disappointing. i checked ybor city out, expecting it to be like south street in philly - not even close :blank: oh well...

as for other boards, i'm also on azian.com, *****.com, and a few others.

thanks for the suggestions :)

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No problem. Tampa's got limited appeal compared to really big cities like NYC and LA. Frankly, in Florida it's Miami or nothing.

Ybor is best on a Saturday night. Since last year, VIP and Lava Lounge have opened. Lava started out as a super-exclusive scene place, but I think it's starting to let more people in. Club 1409 is another one. It's about the best you're going to get in Ybor.

As far as real clubbing goes, there's nothing else in Tampa. Hyde Park and South Howard area has a lot of nice hang-out bars and restaurants like Left Bank, Hyde Park Cafe and others, but I don't think they're worth the trouble of driving from one to the other. Same goes for downtown and St. Pete, and Sarasota is deader than dead.

I asked about the nickname "nifer" because it's the same as one used on a message board about tropical fishkeeping (one of my hobbies). It's not a common name, so I wondered if you were the same person.

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i'll be in tampa for 1 day/night then the rest of the time i'll be in sarasota (where the conference is). do you know of any restruants in sarasota that you could reccomend? while i was down there last year, we usually went to st. armand's circle (i think that's what it's called?) and found places there to eat. just wanted to know if i was missing anything :tongue:

nifer is part of my name "jennifer". my mom used to call me that when i was younger, then my friends picked it up, etc etc etc :)

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Ahhh, never thought of that name as a shortening of Jennifer. Now I know!

As for restaurants in Sarasota, it's been ages since I've been down there (it's a good hour and a half from TB). You can check out the restaurants in Sarasota at the following link, though. The restaurant critic is pretty much on the mark.... (you may need to register on the site first, if you don't wanna let me know and I'll just send you the info).


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