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  1. Theres gonna always be drugs in clubs, face it people have a goodtime on drugs, idk why, but they do. All I was saying is that the NYPD have other issues to worry about then raiding nightclubs, get murders and drugdealers off the streets. Clean up the area. The underage drinkin part i can understand though, but today they have undercover cops in all those places now which is smart, but instead of raiding the club just simply go in the back and have a private convo, instead of ruining the party..
  2. Clubs in NYC that I can get into... (18+)

    im in the same boat as you, the only places i can think of is Pacha And Webster Hall in NYC. Yes both you got to be 19 to get in But At Pacha If you throw some money at the doorman and not be an asshole, they would let you in, Webster Hall is the same way, im just lucky cause I got hookups, lol. But if you are lookin for good 18+ hotspots check out whiteplains and Queens. Theres a club called Krystals in queens, nice place, good music, much better then Vanity (DNA)
  3. The new Crobar / best dance spots NYC

    I still think it was stupid of Crobar leaving the city. Since then its all about Webster Hall and Pacha. Webster Hall is always too packed, and Pacha is played out, at least Crobar there was something always new to do. But I still believe in order for Mansion to suceed they need top DJ's or at least half way decent ones..
  4. I Heard That Pacha Was Closed 2nite??

    they got raided... its most likely gonna reopen next weeknd..
  5. I really don't understand why the cops gotta break everyone's balls today. Mansion is gonna reopen we all know that, Pacha is diff. gonna reopen as well. Its just I don't understand.
  6. Is Cielo that hot of a club?

    do you have to be 18 or 21 to get into cielo??
  7. isn't this taking over his Central Park venue he did in the past. And Yes its an 18+ event for those who are 18 like myself.. lol
  8. The new Crobar / best dance spots NYC

    they need a big event over there to get the place jumping. Bring Tiesto, Arman Van Buuren, or PVD. And they got to drop the prices a lil bit, I feel like its China Club all over again..