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  1. Its 3:30 in the afternoon at the übber popular Coachella Music Festival in the California desert and the heat is rising to triple digits. 3,000 bodies are sweating, waiting for the next act. As roadies scramble on stage to get the turntables ready, a woman with a water gun runs out on stage and starts screaming and wetting the bodies within squirt range, they are thankful. She reaches into her bag and pulls out t-shirts with her logo. She waves them around teasing the crowd as they raise their hands clamoring to catch one. Running around the stage, screaming, squirting, throwing things and laughing all the way, this is DJ Irene. After playing the closing set at a party the night before, after getting off a plane and driving 2 hrs. to get to Coachella, DJ Irene throws down a high energy set that swells the music savvy crowd to 4,500 bodies by the time she is done. Walking off the stage she proceeds to sign hundreds of autographs and give more of her self to those who love her for taking their souls out of this hot desert reality. The dance music world is a world of escapism. People come out to dance to forget the life dramas that wear on their souls or to be a little more glamorous than they are during the day. The DJs who are loved the most are those that provide moments of beauty, clarity, inspiration and hope that everything will be alright and beautiful. This is why DJ Irene is Americas most loved DJ. DJ Irene has seen drama, has fought chemical and personal demons, has lived without a home, has seen the power of escaping her reality and did it with flair. About lifes challenges she says, All I can say about getting through the b.s life gives you, is you gotta be fearless. It is your life, why be afraid? If you screw up and live, you will still be here, and you will still be the only one who has to do anything about it. She is a survivor, a character with an off-the-beaten-path lifestyle that has surpassed all obstacles and helped create the new American Dream for the next generation. The cult of DJ Irene began at Hollywoods mega club Arena. Here, her DJ and life dramas played out through her mixing and publicly on the dance floor. This only made people love her more and helped her to see how she could give back by leading a positive life with the music. She says, At one point I realized that I am not just playing records to the same people every weekend. These people care about me, more than I care for myself. I knew I had to make them proud by being proud of myself, by taking care of myself, by being the best. The best for DJs is selling more mix CDs than any other DJ in her genre, it is non-stop touring at every major music festival and at the best clubs around the world, it is having pop culture and rock journalists queuing to get interviews, it is being the DJ whom some DJs fear having to play after and being the DJ that younger DJs want to be. This is DJ Irene. When the rest of the world realized the allure of the cult of the DJ, all DJ Irene had to do was say Here I am, kiss my ass, Im one bad ass bitch that can mix!!! So what? Another girl DJ. Not in this case. She doesnt go topless, doesnt smile coquettishly or seductively for the camera, she didnt just start mixing 3-5 yrs. ago when it became cool. DJ Irene is DJ culture in all its brazen, globetrotting, mythic womanizing, beat banging, trend raising and trend killing glory. With her signature laugh she has lived a fearless life, daring all who challenged her to step up. Yeah great, there are lots of girl DJs, so what? I was a girl DJ too, now Im a DJ Diva, lets see how many of them can hang like me. Lets see. If you consider yourself knowledgeable about the DJ world but havent seen DJ Irene yet then you havent seen one of the most entertaining and engaging DJs in the biz. Find out where she will be next and dont let anything stop you from being there. Be fearless, like her. pulled from: www.myspace.com/djirenemusic
  2. Starkillers have put out some of my fave productions! Def a hot night right here!
  3. Techno + D'n'B ='s complete AWESOME.
  4. Lets not forget Suneel! Who's been a part of this awesome House scene for YEARS. Friday is going to be a treat for the House heads.
  5. DJ Rap Sites: Official Site - http://www.djrap.com MySpace Site - http://www.myspace.com/therealdjrap Jen Lasher Sites: Official Site - http://www.jenlasher.com MySpace Site - http://www.myspace.com/jenlasher DJ Neekola on MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/neekoladj
  6. I can't wait for this event! This is my second all female line-up I've been lucky enough to be a part of, just in 2008! And both line-ups have been to help support research for breast cancer. It's an awesome cause that needs as much awareness as possible! For any of the D'n'B people that would like a sneak peak of what to expect, here is my latest mix that I put out over the winter! DJ Arabias : "Sirens" http://www.ramzvents.com/mediahosting/artists/89/audio.php Track Listing: 1.) Ben Sage - Geisha 2.) Black Sun Empire - Porcelain 3.) Mindscape & Jade - Black Lotus feat Hydro [break rmx] 4.) ILS - Cherish [viscious circle rmx] 5.) Future Prophecies - Rage 6.) Corrupt Souls - Samsara 7.) Calyx & TeeBee - Warrior 8.) Kubrak - Catacombs 9.) Calyx & TeeBee - All That Remains 10.) Black Sun Empire & Corrupt Souls - Everything 11.) Break - Timeline 12.) Evol Intent & Ewun - 8 Bit Bitch 13.) Inside Info - Perfect Crime 14.) Euphoria - Wet Dreams
  7. DC has some of the HOTTEST talent around! Can't wait for Friday!
  8. 03.14.08 -DC-Buzzilfe Presents: Deadmau5 @ Fur!

    From Wikipedia: Deadmau5 is a Progressive House/Minimal Trance producer and DJ from Toronto, Canada known for tracks such as "Arguru" and "Not Exactly"; tracks which have been included on compilation albums such as In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza and MixMag's "Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness", mixed by Deadmau5 himself, and on Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance radio show. Deadmau5 was called the most notable producer for 2007 by Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren in interviews regarding their ranking in DJMAG's top DJs in the world. Deadmau5 was introduced to the world February 2007 when a copy of "Faxing Berlin" found its way to the hands of the radio show host Pete Tong. Since then Deadmau5 has released online singles, started the record label Mau5trap Recordings, and has been featured on at least 15 dance compilations in 2007. His Studio album is awaiting release in 2008. The name Deadmau5 comes from an incident where a mouse crawled into Zimmerman's computer. He chose the name Deadmau5 because "dead mouse" comprises too many characters to use as an IRC handle. Deadmau5 is also working with Tommy Lee under the name 'WTF?' along with DJ Aero and Steve Duda.
  9. 03.14.08 -DC-Buzzilfe Presents: Deadmau5 @ Fur!

    Deadmau5 is definitely one of the top producers EDM has out there at the moment! myspace.com/deadmau5
  10. I'm excited to see these two tear up the dance floor! Nothing but pure hotness! Check them out! JamesZabiela.com James Zabiela on MySpace! Deadmau5.com Deadmau5 on MySpace!
  11. This will definitely be a night to remember, with these two talented producers kicking into high gear Friday night!
  12. Yeah for Glaude! Can't wait for tomorrow night! And I love supporting One Love!
  13. Interested in checking out more by these DJs? Check it out! =) Meat Katie: Website: http://www.meatkatie.com MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/meatkatie1 Rogue Element: Website: http://www.therogueelement.net MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/therogueelement Listen to recent tracks: http://www.therogueelement.net/audio/ Opening Locals: Proxx-a-Lantern: Website: http:// www.djlantern.com Website: http://www.djproxxy.com Proxxy & Lantern at Starscape 2007: Daniella Downs: Download recent mix (“Essential Breaks Vol. 2”): http://www.mr-nobody.net/essentialbreaksvol.2160.mp3
  14. One of the top producers in my books! I seriously can't wait for Friday!
  15. 2.1-DC-Buzzilfe Presents: Hybrid & Scott Henry!

    Get hyped for Hybrid! It's time for an awesome night of dancing!