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  1. Where is everyone staying . . . ?

    Pricess Ann hotel 9th/collins
  2. ~jus got banged on my room for wmc!!!

    what place s this again?
  3. WMC - 3/25 - The Jump Off - Whitelaw

    yo guys this party is totally freee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. WMC Event Schedule *UPDATED*...

    http://www.wintermusicconference.com/thelist/list.php i like this list better
  5. Hello All!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi im brandon. from dc. i love house and dnb. i play house at various venues throughout the area. got some big things planned for wmc. check out more about me on myspace. feel free to add me as a friend or just hit me up on here. i included my newest mix in sig. i dont intend to use this board soley for promotion but hopefully to be an active part of it as well.
  6. Giants win!

    AWESOME GAME. dude eli was killer last night. plaxico was in tears. AWESOME game!!!