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  1. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    i hear that.. TWILO, The Roxy, Tunnel, (and of course Caffeine on L.I.!!!). Remember all the "color" parties at Roxy? THOSE ROCKED! I am also in my early 30's, and every so often think about the old days (EARLY 90's), and get that urge to go out and live it all again, but we both know those days are far gone; but at least we have all the great memories of how it was, and how it could only be! it was the music and the PEOPLE that made the scene what it was. We lived during a period in music and clubs that will never be the same, i'm just glad we were all a part of it. Remember when the only way to find out about a party was through a flyer or word-of-mouth?? We didn't have the internet to fond out about parties (wow, im REALLY old, lol), that's partly what kept it underground and such a kool vibe among the same crowd ...man i miss those days.... ahhhhh.. it feels good to talk about the "old days" with peeps from back then, its like therapy.. lol
  2. wow... i guess im a little late??.. lol anyone go to this party? were any of the orig Caffeine crew there? would have love to see the old gang... man THOSE were the days!