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  1. took over 900 DEMF pictures. Many of the Dj's but a lot of everyone in the crowd. the full gallery is here http://www.beachmonkey.com/index.php/v/DEMF08/?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=135 here are some sample pictures This was such a fun event for me, and i met soo many amazing people. Feel free to download any pictures you want. Anyone making a profile on beachmonkey.com will get a higher res picture added to thier profile. Enjoy! mike beachmonkey.com
  2. looking good so far, a little chilly on friday, but sunny all weekend. lets hope it stays that way.
  3. Words of Advice

    great advice. I go to the WMC every year, but this is the first time in detroit. I cant wait to see it.
  4. WMC 2008 pics

    Full gallery can be seen here...http://www.beachmonkey.com/index.php?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=135