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  1. I Hate Asians in the clubs and I'm Asian

    webster hall will be filled with asians tomorrow, notice asians go whereever the girl sells tickets outside, they will charge 40 for a 25dollar entry and pocket 15 for themselves. So if a 100 asians go its a nice payday every week. They also tell the doorman don't let any asians in unless they buy a ticket from them. So u boosters out there observe the money, LOL
  2. Random Thoughts #3

    Hello, i'm a caucasian male and want to share some things i've noticed. The asian off tha boat crowd seem to buy their tickets outside clubs like websterhall and arena on sundays. Pacha in the past. I heard thay pay 40 dollars a ticket. A saturday night ticket at webster hall costs 25 dollars. So the people selling the tickets outside get to pocket 15 dollars a person. There are tons of these asians and this guy is making a fortune. A asian girl told me if she tries to use a guestlist at a event they will deny her and make her buy a ticket outside from the asian guy and girl on the street. He tells mangement don't admit any asians unless they buy one of his tickets. Since they stopped selling tickets at pacha the doorguy doesn't let these asians in, he will use a test like, "which party are you here for?" If you say the djs name your in, if u can't speak english u are denied. RANDOM THOUGHT, none of this is right, but who cares